hi, it’s me again

Alright y’all, show of hands, who totally forgot that they subscribed to this page? Or just that this page existed? You can be honest, because I’m raising my hand too.

Well, that’s mostly true. I haven’t entirely forgotten this pages existence, as I frequently have thoughts of “wow I should write about that” but they pass like the seasons since I last posted nearly a year ago.

The point of this post is more so of a reintroduction than anything else, and an update on my life and all that has happened since we last sat down and talked. Stay tuned!

This past year I went on several trips, from as far away as a glacier covered world to many road trips to see friends just on the other side of the state line. I went to music festivals and theatrical performances and laughed so much more than I cried.

I was brave this year and pushed myself to finally do the things I’ve been saving for that illustrious someday. I got the tattoos and drank the special wines and never hesitated to tell those around me I loved them. I learned this year that there is no such thing as perfect timing, but only the time you have now and what you do with it.

This year taught me a lot. It taught me that people will help you if you ask, and that people are more than what they show you on the surface. I am so grateful to have the people in my life that I do. You are inexplicably wonderful and I am humbled that my life gets to be a part of yours.

For this new year we find ourselves in, I’ve decided to make it a little more selfish. I want to focus on what I love, and what I want. I am making it a point to apologize less and show gratitude more. To find negativity less and joy more. To contain myself less and be confident more.

So, what now, my blog friends? I know that there are probably very few people reading this, and fewer that will follow my postings regularly. But, like I send before, I’m allowing myself to be selfish this year and focus on what I love, and this blog is one of those things. I am obviously no longer studying abroad, but I like to think I still have a good voice to lend to those out there! I am thinking that this page will involved travel stories and tips, and perhaps some lifestyle things as well. Books I’ve loved, products I’ve hated, and everything in between. Oh! And probably some wedding content as well, because ya know, I got engaged! (Don’t worry, there will be a separate post all about that).

Okay, here we go again y’all!

My name is Julia, and I’m still obsessed with a lot of things including my dog, and cozy oversized sweaters from my dad. As I did in past years, I still adore leather ankle boots, bagpipe music, authentic Italian gelato, things made from recycled products, the smell of my boyfriend fiancé, and a tall pint of Guinness. For this year I am adding my new loves of my Sherpa sweater and sitting down to tea time. I am going to continue this page as sort of an insight into my life as I’m living it, so thanks for sticking around for this adventure, see y’all soon!

xoxox julia


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