hello again

Oh hi there, so nice to see you again!

I know, I know, it’s been far too long since I’ve posted on here, or updated it at all really… I even forgot to post the last two cities in my Europe trip (I’m so sorry Edinburgh and Dublin, please forgive me!).  But honestly a lot has changed since we last talked!

IMG_0199In May I walked across a stage on a sunny Saturday morning to receive a head shake and a degree, then heard a slightly ridiculous speech by Michael Keaton as I said goodbye to my academic years.

In June I ran all over Europe with my family and friends and documented it (mostly) well. I lived out of a carry on bag, bunked in group hostels, and drank beer across six countries.

In July I started a new adventure in working life. I have the honor of working for a company I believe in, doing a job that puts my education to good use, and reporting to a boss I adore.

Since then I’ve been working and learning as much as I could about life as it goes on. I’ve experienced heartache at losing my best (furry) friend of eight years to cancer before Christmas. I’ve experience unprecedented joy while laughing and screaming with my friends at haunted houses. I’ve developed new passions and goals to better myself and the world around me.


Now I suppose it’s only right that at this point, I reintroduce myself to you:

My name is Julia, and I’m still obsessed with a lot of things including my dog (both my angel girl who left too soon, and my newly adopted rescue boy), and cozy oversized sweaters from my dad. As I did last year,  I still adore leather ankle boots, bagpipe music, and authentic Italian gelato. My newfound loves this time include anything made from recycled products, the smell of my boyfriend when he’s home for the weekend, and a tall pint of Guinness. I’m going to continue this page as sort of an insight into my life as I’m living it, so thanks for sticking around for this adventure.

xoxox julia

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