life update – one year later

Was it really one year ago that I sat down at my laptop and began to write? Was it really one year ago that I clicked publish for the first time? Was it really one year ago that this all began?

I suppose time flies when you’re typing.

Well, that and the fact that I haven’t posted in over five months.


So, hello again friends. Life has continued to prove as unpredictable as ever in the time since we’ve been apart. My final year of college has begun, and with it a new set of stressors that I attempt to conquer with an old set of friends. Senior year is often the time that we grow close to those around us, to find support in the face of the unknown.


The summer months passed through just as fleeting as a breeze, taking with them memories of warm afternoons and chilled starry nights. Laughter with friends and family both near and far. The clinking of glasses and the barking of dogs. Yes, this summer was in every way both ordinary and unique; a never-ending oxymoron to cause headache.

So is life that it goes on, and so must I. In the upcoming months there are many events and plans that scatter my color coded calendar, so don’t fret, it will not be five months before you see me again. I’ll write to you about my travels, about my life, and about the lessons I’ve learned.


Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

Now, at this one year mark, I am reintroducing myself to you:

My name is Julia, and I’m still obsessed with a lot of things including my dog, and cozy oversized sweaters from my dad; but I have also discovered new loves such as leather ankle boots, bagpipe music, and authentic Italian gelato. I’m continuing this page as sort of an insight into my life as I’m living it.


Happy Anniversary to this still uncategorized blog space, and here’s to another year of eyeliner and espresso.

xoxox julia


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